Bowen Hamilton Case Studies

These are just a few of the many letters from clients that I’ve treated who’ve had success with Bowen Therapy.

If you’re currently suffering from pain, I hope that I can help free you from it and have your success story on here soon to share with the world.

– Francine

​My first visit with Francine was for my nine year old daughter. She had been experiencing issues with palmar hyperhidrosis, which is an excessive and uncontrollable sweating of the hands. This condition was becoming very uncomfortable for my daughter, as she was finding it difficult to do anything at all with her hands. After doing some research, I decided to give Bowen a try to treat the condition and I haven’t looked back ever since! After only the first treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in the sweatiness of her hands. As she continued with further treatments, the condition just got progressively better and better. She now visits with Francine only periodically, as she experiences so many other benefits from the Bowen such as better sleep and better posture.

After having great success with my daughter, I decided to book an appointment with Francine for my own issues with chronic constipation that I’ve experienced for as long as I can remember. Amazingly, after only three treatments my constipation is gone! My bowel movements are now always consistent and have never been easier:)

Francine has a wonderful bedside manner and her experience as a nurse is clearly evident in her excellent scientific knowledge of the human body and its functions. She has always made us feel very comfortable and genuinely cared for. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering Bowen therapy.

Catherine, 39, Teacher

I injured myself at the grocery store on June 15, 2012, lifting a heavy tote box into a shopping cart. X-rays and a MRI over the next month revealed a herniated disc at L5 (5th lumbar vertebra).

I experienced acute sciatic pain in my right leg accompanied by much swelling and a pinkish- blue colour in the same limb. The left leg was unaffected.

I could not walk or put the smallest of load on my right leg. Any mobility occurred due to the use of a cane and/or a walker. Climbing stairs were out of the question. Going to the washroom or to have a shower was a major production. To sit upright was extremely painful in the hamstring muscles.

My first impression of the initial treatment was very peaceful and quiet. I felt “I am going to trust this person”.

The affected area seemed to quiet down. If I felt any pain at home, I would lie down on a quality mattress. After 3 months post injury I was gradually putting more stress on my leg (that is more load and twisting on the limb to the point where the walking aids had been eliminated.)

Exactly 2 months after my injury, my leg was electro stimulated to test for any nerve damage. The medical practitioner confirmed that damage had occurred at L5 BUT “healing was happening.” Caution was advised.

Initially a masseuse had worked on the injury for 2 sessions- relief was fleeting. A physiotherapist wanted to send me to emergency immediately. His methods were rough and painful.

Give this a try. Co-operate with the person and give yourself lots of rest. Do not attempt to return to normal activities too fast. Be patient and sensible. My family doctor says that “I’ve escaped the surgeon.”

I would recommend Bowen to any one and in fact, I have. My barber was experiencing pain in her knees and wrist. Her pain has been alleviated so that she can now go about her normal activities.

John K.
Age 68
Retired Teacher & Lumberjack

​“…On the third morning after the treatment
I suddenly realized I had no more pain
and I haven’t had any sciatic pain since…”​

​“I was having the first signs of my sciatica returning and was going to call the chiropractor. Before I did I decided to have my first Bowen treatment.

While getting the treatment I was wondering what this gentle touching could possibly do, having previously undergone 2-3 months of acupuncture to relieve the pain.

On the third morning after the treatment I suddenly realized I had no more pain and I haven’t had any sciatic pain since. I was also having trouble with my shoulder; I couldn’t do the back stroke when swimming, and it hurt to do up my bra.

After one Bowen treatment my pain is gone.

I would certainly recommend Francine and her skillful use of Bowen therapy and have done so to family and friends.”

Jan W, age 58

​“…shortly after the first treatment, I found the
pain decreased, and after two more
treatments it was completely gone…”​

​“I received treatment with Bowen Therapy by Francine Wong of Bowen Hamilton for lower back pain and discomfort.

The pain was limiting both my work and leisure activities and causing fatigue after a short time.

I had heard about Bowen Therapy through ads in magazines and research on the internet. When I received my first treatment, I wondered how such gentle pressure could make a difference in my pain.

However, shortly after the first treatment, I found the pain decreased and after two more treatments it was completely gone.

Francine’s approach and professionalism gave me confidence. She thoroughly explained what she was doing and why. I would and have recommended Bowen therapy to anyone with back pain.”

Mike C. age 58, semi-retired labourer

​​Discover How A Professional Yoga Instructor
Relies On Bowen Hamilton To Deal With
Day-to-Day Aches And Pains​

​“I have known Francine for a number of years and I have always been impressed by her intuitiveness and her sincere desire to help you feel better.

She always seemed to know where I held my tension(s) and she was quite adept at getting me to release them.

Just knowing this about Francine would have convinced me to try any modality that she embraced.

I first agreed to try Bowen because it was an alternative health treatment. I had no idea as to what was involved in the treatment and was curious as to the process and the subsequent outcome. At the time of my first treatment I had no existing pain or condition that would require attention. Regular tension and slight aches and pains from daily activity was my principle complaint.

My first treatment was not what I would have expected as the process is less invasive than a regular massage treatment.

I was wondering how so little work followed by short rest periods could help change anything. I soon discovered that my perception was wrong.

The process may be gentler yet is was effective and tension was relieved and existing aches and pains were gone. In short, it works and the release lasted for days.

I would recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone looking for lasting relief from tension and pain. I have it on a regular basis to help with my training and day- to -day tensions and aches. Try it and be specific about what you wish to have treated and always ask for the face/head/neck treatment as it is out of this world.”

Mary Telford, Yoga Instructor

​​​“…it was an annoying problem
that I thought I had to live with
for the rest of my life…”​

​“I had chronic RSI for years in my right wrist from years of data entry on the numeral pad on a keyboard and doing a lot of manual Quality Control checks where I had to repeatedly pick up and inspect products.

This disrupted my ability to use a keyboard without discomfort. Eventually, I resorted to learning to use a mouse with my left hand to reduce some of the strain on my right wrist.

Anyways, it was an annoying problem that I thought I had to live with the rest of my life. I decided to give the therapy a shot since nothing else worked over the long term including stretching, rest or massage therapy.

I was surprised by the results: in one session the years of chronic pain disappeared from my wrist and feels like it did before I experienced the problem.

The therapy was quick and painless.

Who knew that something like this would work? I’m glad I did it and now I’ll take better care of my wrists in the future. I would recommend this therapy to anyone in my situation. Thanks Francine!”

Tyrone W. Age 35, Engineer

​​​“…the shifts that occurred on an energetic and physical level were incredible!”​

​“Thank you Francine for an amazing Bowen Therapy session.  It was my first session ever and I certainly didn’t know what to expect but it certainly exceeded any expectation I would have ever had.  

Your initial assessment was extremely accurate and the shifts that occurred on an energetic and physical level were incredible!

There were absolutely amazing shifts that occurred after you applied your pressure points…you are very skilled at knowing what to do, where and for how long.  Afterwards my mind was much clearer, focused and alert as well as feeling lighter.  

I would certainly highly recommend you to anyone!  I will certainly be back for more sessions!!  You certainly have a gift!!  Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.  —  LM

​​​“From Skeptic To Pain-Free Believer​”​

​“As a new client of Bowen Therapy, I was somewhat skeptical about the ability of the treatment to help my on going pain in my side and lower back. The misgivings though were soon proven wrong; the treatment I received was very, very positive to alleviate the pain, almost within an hour after treatment by Francine.

The very delicate manipulation that Francine provided seemed hardly noticable but produces amazing positive relief from the pain that was really the result of a tight back and spasm in the lower back and upper side. So much pain in fact, that I was unable to get into my car to get to work without excrutiating tenderness.

So without a doubt, I am very pleased to recommend the Bowen Therapy procedures and have already done so to friends and to members of my family.

I am also happy that the pain has not re-occured since the treatment 2 weeks ago. Part of the problem when dealing with pain and stress, is the question of confidence and the concern of reoccurance; I am happy to confirm the pain has not revisited.

Thanks Francine for your caring help in getting me back to “above average!”

Phil Winer, Hamilton, ON

​​​​“…I was completely relaxed, enjoyed my
first treatment, and felt loose and
pain-free when the treatment
was finished …”

​“I’ve suffered with neck and upper back pain for many years after suffering with whiplash from a car accident. The pain was daily and often permeated down my back or up my head, resulting in severe headaches.

I then met Francine, received Bowen therapy and today I am pain-free.

When I initially heard about Bowen therapy I was reluctant. There are so many therapies available, but none seemed to work. However Bowen’s ‘gentle’ therapy appealed to my sore back.

I was completely relaxed, enjoyed my first treatment, and felt loose and pain free when the treatment was finished.

Francine’s gentle manner and history as a registered nurse gave me confidence in Bowen therapy. During my treatments Francine explained how Bowen treatment works to release tense, sore muscles and eliminate pain.

My husband, my mom and myself are firm believers in this treatment and have all experienced freedom from pain with Bowen therapy.”

Darlene G.
Hamilton, Ontario
50 years young
Client Services Rep

​​​​“​I didn’t have to miss work!”

​“I had pain in my upper back that developed over one weekend and I was afraid that if it kept on, it would prevent me from doing what I needed to do for work.

I had some difficulty reaching up and rotating my body. I received Bowen Therapy at the end of the weekend, and I felt better pretty soon after!

I didn’t have to miss work on Monday and was able to do everything I needed. When I was getting treated by Francine, I felt very relaxed and could have fallen asleep!

Thank you so much – I would definitely recommend Bowen to my friends! It works!”

Helen C.
Burlington, Ontario

​Back Pain – Client Q&A

​I know some people like specific questions and answers to be answered, so here they are for you from a recent client of mine:

Q: What type of pain/condition did you have?

A: Lower back muscle pain/extreme

Q: How did this negatively impact your life?

It made it very difficult to walk/sit or do any physical exercise at all.

Q: Did it stop you from doing anything?

Yes, almost anything physical because the pain was so extreme.

Q: When you first heard about Bowen what did you think?

I thought it was a strange concept but l was willing to try anything to make the pain go away.

Q: When you were getting your first treatment what was it like? What were you thinking?

I wasn’t sure what to expect, l am pretty open minded so l was waitingtothe end to evaluate the treatment. It was very calming, non-invasive, l quite liked it.

Q: What were the results you experienced?

After two treatments the pain was almost gone, by the third treatment, no pain at all.

Q: What would you say to people thinking about getting Bowen Therapy?

Absolutely, if anyone has severe backpain and are willing to try something different, Bowen is the way to go.

Karen Sobierajski, Age 49
Office Manager

​As you can see, many different people with different types of pain have experienced success with Bowen Hamilton. And these are just a small number of the Success Stories that I have. If you’d like to be my next one, Contact Me Here.

– Francine