Banish Your Chronic Back Pain Without
Any Painful Treatment or Drugs

It’s a fact that back pain affects 80% of adults at least once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately for many, the back pain can become chronic and decrease your quality of life.

Why does back pain occur?

There are many things that can cause low back pain, some of which include vertebral disc herniation, disc compression, muscle strains, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and more. Even with tests and x-rays, many cases of low back pain remain a mystery.

The worst thing is that low back pain can be triggered by tasks as innocent as tying your shoes, putting groceries into the trunk of your car, or driving.

Regardless of the cause of your low back pain, the body often responds by tightening muscles up around the area, which limits your body’s ability to heal.

Bowen Therapy techniques are a gentle way to release your body from pain by putting your body back into a normal state, a state where it can heal itself.

The best thing about using Bowen for treating low back pain is that it’s a gentle treatment, so you don’t have to deal with more pain to treat your already existing pain.

Plus, Bowen has helped people recover from years of chronic back pain in very few sessions, with noticeable results after the first two treatments.

“…shortly after the first treatment, I found the pain decreased, and after two more treatments it was completely gone…”

​“I received treatment with Bowen Therapy by Francine Wong of Bowen Hamilton for lower back pain and discomfort. The pain was limiting both my work and leisure activities and causing fatigue after a short time.

I had heard about Bowen Therapy through ads in magazines and research on the internet. When I received my first treatment, I wondered how such gentle pressure could make a difference in my pain.

However, shortly after the first treatment, I found the pain decreased and after two more treatments it was completely gone.

Francine’s approach and professionalism gave me confidence. She thoroughly explained what she was doing and why. I would and have recommended Bowen therapy to anyone with back pain.”

Mike C. age 58, semi-retired labourer

​Back Pain Results Q&A​

​I know some people like specific questions and answers to be answered, so here they are for you from a recent client of mine:

What type of pain/condition did you have? Lower back muscle pain/extreme

How did this negatively impact your life? It made it very difficult to walk/sit or do any physical exercise at all.

Did it stop you from doing anything? Yes, almost anything physical because the pain was so extreme.

When you first heard about Bowen what did you think? I thought it was a strange concept but l was willing to try anything to make the pain go away.

When you were getting your first treatment what was it like? What were you thinking? I wasn’t sure what to expect, l am pretty open minded so l was waitingtothe end to evaluate the treatment. It was very calming, non-invasive, l quite liked it.

What were the results you experienced? After two treatments the pain was almost gone, by the third treatment, no pain at all.

What would you say to people thinking about getting Bowen Therapy? Absolutely, if anyone has severe backpain and are willing to try something different, Bowen is the way to go.

Karen Sobierajski, Age 49
Office Manager

​From Skeptic to Pain-Free Believer

​As a new client of Bowen Therapy, I was somewhat skeptical about the ability of the treatment to help my on going pain in my side and lower back. The misgivings though were soon proven wrong; the treatment I received was very, very positive to alleviate the pain, almost within an hour after treatment by Francine.

The very delicate manipulation that Francine provided seemed hardly noticable but produces amazing positive relief from the pain that was really the result of a tight back and spasm in the lower back and upper side. So much pain in fact, that I was unable to get into my car to get to work without excrutiating tenderness.

So without a doubt, I am very pleased to recommend the Bowen Therapy procedures and have already done so to friends and to members of my family.

I am also happy that the pain has not re-occured since the treatment 2 weeks ago. Part of the problem when dealing with pain and stress, is the question of confidence and the concern of reoccurence; I am happy to confirm the pain has not revisited.

Thanks Francine for your caring help in getting me back to “above average!”

Phil Winer, Hamilton, ON