​Hi there!

My 20 plus years as a Registered Nurse have been a good warm-up for my Bowen therapy practice.

Years of hands-on physical assessment, using many sensory inputs (except perhaps TASTE!!), reading non-verbal cues, wading through medical jargon, and just plain old listening, help me get a better picture of what is going on and determine how to tailor treatment to your needs.

On occasion I’ve drawn upon my medical experience to send people to the physician or ER (accompanied by a concise history and note that has expedited appropriate treatment), and made suggestions for treatment plans in complex cases.

My experience as a Home Care nurse make me cognizant of issues that can arise for people with problems at home, and can be helpful to alert you about the community resources available to you.

Bowen therapy is a quiet, gentle, often calming restorative treatment. Feeling better physically enables you to function better mentally. After all, if there is a pebble in your shoe, all you can think about is how much your foot hurts when you walk.

Since 2009, I’ve enthusiastically embraced this practice that helps my clients take less medication, require less physical therapies, and has even pre-empted anticipated surgeries. Bowen therapy is not just a band-aid that treats symptoms, but is a modality that often addresses the problems that cause the symptoms in both a highly cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

I will also augment my treatments with deeper trigger point work, as needed. Supportive kinesio taping is a more recent skill that I’ve added to my arsenal to help my clients return to normal function.

Bowen therapy: where ancient principles of Eastern medicine meet up with Western science of soft tissue therapies: the best of both worlds!